ALLi Can Be Your Ally

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When I got ready to publish Weapons of Remorse, I browsed many websites in search of a publisher. Though I was flying blind, the service I selected was ethical and delivered what it promised.

Many writers aren’t so lucky. Some businesses with fancy home pages and gaudy book covers are out to take advantage of the inexperienced writer. The results are often expensive and disappointing.

For that reason, you may want to check out the Alliance of Independent Authors. I discovered ALLi a few months ago while seeking book reviews for my second novel, The Seven-Day Resurrection. This agency is essential for writers who want trustworthy writing, editing, publishing, distribution, or marketing assistance. Some of its services are free, and the annual membership fee is modest.

Based in London, ALLi has a watchdog desk that keeps members informed of the angels and devils of the publishing business. For example, they offer a Self-Publishing Services Directory of partner members whom they have verified as adhering to their code of standards. Though I found some of the companies on the list too expensive, it’s comforting to know that anyone I do hire will give me my money’s worth.

ALLi’s partnership members include editors, proofreaders, cover designers, formatters, distributors and marketers. They have been investigated to verify that they adhere to ALLi’s code of standards.

An independent writer can choose from three membership levels:

  • Associate – if you’re preparing to self-publish your first book: $89.
  • Author – if you’ve already published a full-length book or collection: $119.
  • Authorpreneur – if you’re earning a living through book sales: $149.

Even if you don’t join, ALLi offers a free chart of publishing services. The ratings, based on their members’ experiences, are color-coded in the categories of Excellent, Recommended, Mixed, Caution, and Watchdog Advisory. The ALLi advice center has a free alphabetical list that is updated periodically.

The website menu features numerous dropdowns that include guidebooks that members can download at no extra charge. Members also receive invitations to podcasts, a newsletter, and social media warnings about unethical behavior by publishing services.

You can learn all you need to know by visiting the ALLi website.

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