Win a free copy of The Seven-Day Resurrection!

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AuthorsXP is hosting a “Fill My Reader” book giveaway, December 28 through January 3.


Did you get an ebook reader for Christmas? Or do you prefer paperbacks? You have a chance to win a gift basket of books, or individual copies, by filling out the form.

The new Chevron Ross novel, The Seven-Day Resurrection, is part of the giveaway. It will not go on sale until January 18, but you have a chance to grab a free copy in advance. Simply enter the contest by January 3.

The Seven-Day Resurrection is about a failed novelist who awakens one morning to find that his mother has come back to life, seven years after her funeral. It’s not a horror story; it’s a mystery he tries to solve while reliving a strained relationship dating back to his childhood.

When you fill out the entry form, be sure to check the box labeled “Christian.” That will put you in line to win The Seven-Day Resurrection. You can also check as many of the other boxes as you like for a chance to win other books.

In the meantime, get more details about The Seven-Day Resurrection at this link.

Thanks for entering and for supporting the work of independent authors! Good luck in the contest!

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