The Seven-Day Resurrection: Pre-order Now

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What would you do if you woke up one morning and found that your dead mother had come back to life?

Len Holder, an insurance adjuster, faces that dilemma in The Seven-Day Resurrection, the new Chevron Ross novel.

Within moments, Len discovers that Mom isn’t a ghost. That he’s not dreaming. That she’s as real as she was when he buried her, seven years ago. In fact, she looks better now than she did on her deathbed.

Now late in his own life, Len feels he has never amounted to much. He always wanted to be a novelist but has never published anything. His only meaningful relationships are with his coworkers, particularly his boss, Miranda Thomas.

Mom’s reappearance forces Len to take some practical steps. Re-enroll her in Social Security and Medicare. Convince his brother and sister that the impossible has occurred. Most important, relive a difficult relationship that has haunted him all his life.

Then Len learns that Miranda has been gravely injured in a traffic accident. Miranda’s fate, coupled with a shocking secret from the past, reveal that Mom’s resurrection is not what it seems to be.

Few novelists write seriously about elderly people, although they’re a neglected treasure trove of accumulated wisdom. I’m grateful to God for choosing me as His agent for this novel. As He did five years ago with Weapons of Remorse, God put this idea into my head and made it grow. Bringing it to completion and publication has been a deeply personal and gratifying experience.

The Seven-Day Resurrection goes on sale January 18, 2022. But you can pre-order it now through Amazon or other major retail book outlets.

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