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Today it’s my privilege to feature author Shanna Heath. Shanna resides in central Kentucky with her sweet family, two dogs, and a ball python. When she isn’t writing young adult Christian fiction, she enjoys teaching middle school social studies or taking Sunday afternoon naps.

Because she’s a sucker for teen rom-coms, Shanna’s stories have a knack for weaving together the awkward and the flirtatious, with a healthy dose of real-life complications to boot.

Shanna’s new novel, Salvagedis now available for purchase. You can visit her website at https://www.shannamheath.com


High school senior Hadley is certain she must earn a summer internship at the Office of Naval Research, and she’s pretty darn confident she might! Unfortunately, her world is turned upside down by the news of her grandmother Nonny’s bleak cancer diagnosis. Hadley is forced to relocate from her home in Maryland to Kentucky to live with her estranged father and (gulp!) new step-family. As Hadley prepares to face a world of unknowns, she fears she will lose her beloved Nonny, and her hopes of snagging her dream internship seemingly disappear.

In the midst of adjusting to her new life in the bluegrass, Hadley steps into the unexpectedly pleasant role of half-sister and tackles a daunting senior project interning at a local business, Southern Salvage. Here, Hadley strives to befriend her peer mentor Colton, who seems all too eager to rid himself of a burdensome intern. At first. As Hadley navigates life in an unfamiliar state, school, and family, can she overcome the overwhelming sense she’s disrupted everyone’s happy normal? Is she just an unwelcome inconvenience? She wonders . . . has God abandoned Hadley Edwards? With the help of her family and Colton, Hadley might just learn the true meaning of “salvaged.”

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