Bold & Brave: Meet the Author

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Today I’d like to introduce K.A. Cummins and her new children’s book, Bold & Brave. This is the latest in my occasional features in which authors tell us about their books, their writing lives, and anything else they wish to share.

K.A. Cummins is an award-winning author and an artist. She explores storytelling in a variety of media, blending the wonders of science with the power of “what if”. She seeks to offer readers adventurous narratives that spark imagination and inspire grace for themselves and for others. When she’s not crafting stories, Cummins loves learning, collecting fun socks, and venturing outside her comfort zone to try new things—at least once!

Connect with her through her website, where you can sign up for emails about upcoming releases.

Sometimes courage is loud like an elephant, and sometimes it’s quiet like a llama.

Lily, a young autistic girl with a vivid imagination, wants to sing the solo in the school’s choir show. However, the thought of standing at center stage turns her heart a gloomy grey. School is overwhelming enough when no one is watching. Now all eyes will be on her. Will she overcome her fear and be bold and brave?

Bold & Brave is a whimsical picture book showcasing the heartwarming bond of family while visually drawing readers into Lily’s experience and inspiring them to be bold and brave. It’s aimed at readers aged 4 to 8.


Questions to the Author

How did you become a writer?

I loved art and poetry growing up, and spent time trying to improve my skills in those areas. In college, I focused on more practical pursuits and discovered something beautifully abstract within the realms of math and science. By the end of college, those two areas merged and I began writing stories influenced by the things I’d learned.

Why do you choose to write about autistic characters?

My first stories featured neurotypical characters. Since I’m autistic, writing neurotypical characters is more challenging—like writing a character from a different country or cultural background. I learned a lot from the experience that has helped me connect better with others.

But I’m writing more stories featuring autistic characters because it’s what I know. And because every child should see themselves as the hero of a story. I also hope these stories foster understanding and grace.

Tell about other books you have written. Do all of them deal with autism?

Bold & Brave is the first one that features an autistic character, although I do have some other stories that feature autistic characters.

My other published work includes a middle-grade sci-fi, Snow Globe Travelers, and another picture book, Super Doople. Snow Globe Travelers is about a girl who discovers snow globes that open portals to other worlds. Super Doople is a superhero origin story twist on Humpty Dumpty.

I’ve also contributed as an illustrator and designer to Allen Brokken’s Towers of Light Unit Studies. The unit studies align with his engaging middle-grade series.


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